FPC Making Service


FPCs are generally installed bent, folded or twisted, and are primarily used to replace wiring, connectors and antennas, then gradually to be the Flex-rigid PCBs aminated with rigid PCBs, now in widely use throughout the electronics industry. In response to market requirements, LYB becomes a prototype-to-production Flex and rigid-flex PCB supplier. With its growing stronger core HDI technology in combination with flexible printed circuit boards, LYB also provides high density interconnect (HDI) Rigid-flex PCBs.

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Advantages of Full Turnkey PCB Assembly Services

  • Lower Cost

    Another advantage of full-turnkey PCB assembly service is overall cost reduction. Pack-up service is usually cheaper than separate ones as far as electronic assembly is concerned. At least, freight fee will be saved because you don't need to get manufactured PCB boards and electronic components delivered to assembly workshop. Moreover, components procurement may get easy and customer-friendly because experienced electronic assemblers are usually able to provide reliable components with relatively low cost based on their long-term cooperation with parts manufacturers or distributors.

  • Shorter Lead Time

    As a fundamental form of electronic assembly, PCB assembly primarily contains three phases: PCB fabrication, components procurement and PCB assembly. Traditionally, you should quote and confirm design files with sales and engineers working for your PCB manufacturer, then components distributors and finally PCB assemblers. Such series of quotations and confirmations just need your time spent in contacting with different partners. If those partners are from different countries, you have to overcome some problems such as time zone, communication habits etc. Full-turnkey PCB assembly, however, is a highly-efficient form of electronic assembly. As soon as full-turnkey PCB assembly is determined, an overall assembly quotation and indispensible issues prohibiting smooth manufacturing will be raised so that three times of communication have been cut to one time with electronic assembly efficiency dramatically improved.

  • Transparent Monitoring

    When it comes to electronic assembly process, it's significant yet difficult to monitor your products' manufacturing stage as it is totally related with your products' performance and time to market. Full-turnkey PCB assembly allows engineers at each stage to be aware of what they've accomplished and to better understand their status for better performance of final products.

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